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I had a short trip to Indonesia (again) in November. Was planning to go alone, visiting my cousin who was stationed to work in Senayan for 2 weeks but ended up making a “fun family trip” with my Mum & uncle along.

Managed to get Pak Chechep from Bandung to drive us around. He’s a friend of my uncle’s, and a driver. A nice man who recommends good places to eat, shop & sightseeing. If you’re visiting Indonesia & wants to hire a driver, drop him a line on his Facebook account, here.

And so he brought us to Bogor, as Mum wanted to visit her friend who lives there. They served awesome local food, in which I ate all & did not manage to snap a shot of ’em and of course, forgot the name. Afterwards, we went to Kebun Raya. It was awesome for somebody who loves trees like me. There’s all sorts of trees, mostly old.. and HUGE! It’s like giving a shopaholic a gold card & shop at KLCC.

I went crazy.


So that’s a shot of me, feeling happy surrounded by trees. If I could hug all of ’em in one giant hug, I would. And below is just a sample shot of a tree among thousands others.



Here’s the link to Kebun Raya Bogor’s website. Entrance fee is at Rp 25.000 per person & Rp 30.000 per car (around USD 5 for a total of both).

It’s a nice break from the busy & hectic Jakarta, to be close to nature in Bogor.


Superhot morning @ Mount Bromo

View from top of Bromo

View from top of Bromo

View from the top of Mount Bromo. Took us quite some time to get to the top – we weren’t fit, so had to make a lot of breaks along the way. Didn’t wanna get down, but the hot sun was burning my skin. This was in 2009, I believe. Am planning to go again some time next year.


Kuala Lumpur City Center – KLCC in short, is my favorite building of all. It’s one of the tallest twin building in the world, and it’s in the city that I live in.

During weekends, the KLCC park is filled with people – the locals hanging out or bringing their children to the playground, the foreigners busy taking picture and being amazed by this majestic building.

To us KLites, the best place to meet up would be at the Suria shopping center. A bit of a high-end mall, but there are some affordable things to choose from. And of course, the store I love most – Kinokuniya.

And at night, this building looks simply magnificent!